Service and Support

Although Govro equipment is extremely dependable, if a unit ever needs service Govro will inspect, repair and return the unit with a new one year warranty usually within 48 hours. Govro-Nelson stands behind all new and rebuilt units. Complete satisfaction has always been the Govro goal.

Rebuilding/Refurbishing Service

Govro-Nelson offers a complete refurbishing, renovating, updating, repainting and restoration service that not only rebuilds Govro machines, but will reconfigure or adapt your machine to meet new and dynamic manufacturing needs. Backed by a new one year warranty, these services can expand the life and production capacity of your machines.

For complex or simple machines, Govro has the answer. Parts produced by Govro machines include engine parts, sprinkler heads, even precision medical parts. The possibilities are endless, and so are the high-quality Govro solutions.

Customer Service is our Goal

Govro will participate and advise in machine installation if required, or will recommend that any problem be handled by shipping the machine back to Govro’s manufacturing facilities. Upon installation, Govro will recommend a program of operation and maintenance. Complete customer satisfaction has always been the Govro goal.