Govro-Nelson History


Three words that describe the principles of the Govro-Nelson Co. founded in 1923. Today, these words still guide this Michigan company in producing a complete line of GOVRO™ drilling/tapping units and high production machines. These dependable made-in-USA machines can be found performing difficult applications all across North America and several countries around the world.

In 1962, Govro Nelson moved into the rotary transfer business with the production and sale of the first vertical indexing machine. For manufacturers of high production parts rotary transfer technology improves quality, increases production and cuts labor costs dramatically. The modular design of Govro high production machines allows for flexibility and easy reconfiguration for changes in future applications. Govro now has thousands of units in the field that have been operating 24/7 for decades..

Over three generations, the company evolved from manufacturers of precision aircraft parts and prototype work, to developing uniquely-designed drill units featuring concentric construction.

In late 2016, Govro-Nelson was sold and re-located to Commerce, Michigan, west of metropolitan Detroit, insuring the business will continue going strong for years into the future. Govro customers have the assurance, going forward, that Govro products will be built with integrity by an experienced factory team, with greater quality and reliability.

Our Focus

While there may be larger companies competing in the production machine market, none are more focused or experienced than Govro in addressing specific customer needs and machine demands. Govro has a long history of solving tough manufacturing problems with innovative machine designs, giving customers a critical competitive edge. The kind of edge that Govro offers is essential in today’s marketplace, where margins are often shaved to a minimum. Govro has been successful in creating machines that combine high volume manufacturing with low cost operation and exceptional quality. Govro can beat any competitor in price, product reliability and service.

The Govro Difference

Govro automatic drilling and tapping units have a unique design featuring concentric construction, with air thrust, hydraulic feed control and positive stop — all on the spindle centerline. This unique ‘concentric design’ eliminates quill deflection inherent to off-set feed systems and provides longer tool life necessary for continuous production and minimum maintenance. In addition, axial backlash is eliminated, preventing ‘drill drive’ at breakthrough, which may occur in mechanical drive systems. The unique Govro design, with no off-center operating forces, is essential for high production, high-quality finished parts. Govro machine reliability is well documented. Govro customers have units currently in production for over 30 years, logging millions of operations.