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Model 300 Series

Govro Model 300 Series machining units are available in six standard types depending opon machining operations required and are made for relatively small operations, up to 5/16th” drill in mild steel. Units come standard with a #2 Jacobs taper spindle (.001” TIR). Spindle adapters are available for most tooling configurations, as well as a slotted spindle adapter and quill flange for use with multiple spindle heads. The spindle has an electric motor drive and aluminum motor mount bracket with versatile motor positioning.

  • Concentric Features: thrust, retract, hydraulic feed, deceleration (rapid to feed),
    positive depth stop (optional).
  • Adjustable feed control, stroke control, positive stop and rapid approach.
  • No axial backlash.
  • Closed circuit hydraulic system
    • Always under pressure
    • Prevents chips and coolant from entering system
    • Lubricates seals for longer life
  • Rugged one-piece cast iron housing (for dimensional stability)
  • Quill supported front and rear.
  • Mounts in any position.
  • Electric motor spindle drive.

Model 300
The Model 300 Series have GOVRO's unique concentric design with all forces along the spindle centerline. Capable of drilling up to 5/16" in mild steel these compact units may be mounted in parallel on 5" centerlines or radially on 30-degree centerlines.

There are six different models of the 300 to choose from:

  • Model 300 automatic drilling units are designed for centering, drilling, reaming, facing, chamfering, counterboring, hollow-milling, spinning and form tool work.
  • Model 300-DT automatic drill and/or tap units are similar to the standard drilling unit but with adjustable retract feed control. Retract feed control permits DT units to be used to tap only as well as to drill and tap through holes in one operation by use of combination tools with tension tool holders. Retract feed control can also be used with recessing tools to do I.D. and O.D. grooves, back chamfers, back spot faces, etc.
  • Model 300-P automatic peck feed units are for deep hole drilling. An adjustable peck feed removes chips and allows cutting fluid to enter the hole. Each peck stroke is infinitely adjustable by use of a timer in the control circuit and by varying the feed rate. After each peck, the quill quickly retracts to the full back position. Then it rapid approaches to within .020" of previous stroke depth before going into feed. When final depth is reached, the quill retracts and rapid approach automatically resets for the next part.
  • Model 300-T automatic tapping units are designed for tapping, pipe tapping, threading and pipe threading using solid or self-opening tooling. Balanced air or separate pneumatic thrust and retract controls are used. Reversing is by motor reversal for very accurate depth on blind holes or taper pipe threads. Motors with high reversal capacity are available as well as standard motors with A/C variable frequency drives.
  • Model 300-SF automatic skip-feed units are similar to the standard drilling unit but with skip feed for rapid travel across an opening in a part.
  • Model 300-DF automatic dual-feed units are similar to the standard drilling unit but with dual feed capabilities. Dual feed is typically used on difficult angular holes where a slow feed rate is needed during drill entry before returning to normal feed rate for the rest of the hole.

Range. . .
Stroke. . .
Feed. . .
Rapid Advance. . .
Rapid Retract. . .
Thrust Area. . .

Feed Control. . .
Spindle Speed. . .
Spindle Drive. . .
Cycle Control. . .
Depth Control. . .

Motor Capacity. . .
Unit Drive Shaft Dia. . .
Approx. Wt. with Motor . . .

. . . . .#80 to 5/16" in Mild Steel
. . . . .up to 3" Maximum
. . . . .up to Full Stroke
. . . . .0" or 3/8" Minimum
. . . . .up to Full Stroke
. . . . .Advance, 3 square inches
. . . . .Retract, 1-1/2 square inches
. . . . .Metered Centerline Hydraulic
. . . . .Belt Drive
. . . . .1/2" dia. Spline
. . . . .Solenoid Air Valve
. . . . .Positive Stop Dwell, .0005
. . . . .Without Dwell, .005
. . . . .1 HP
. . . . .1"
. . . . .65 lbs